It’s been a while. I’ve decided to go home. The interesting part was that I kept it for myself. They had no clue, neither the family nor the friends. At the same time I had no clue how this homecoming was about to confront with my wandering mindset.

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Thaink You

I bought a flight ticket to Bangkok simply because it was the cheapest way how to get out from cold New Zealand to warm Asia. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Thailand and I didn’t become one after hearing all the stories about parties and prostitutes. But, as always, you’ve gotta experience it yourself to make a statement. And I say Thaink you Thailand, I’m your fan now.

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Hello from the Other Side

When nothing goes right, go left. One of my favorite decision makers. I used it when I realized that I’m not a professional football player as 12 year old Jiri aspired to be. However, when it comes to traveling my favorite is when everything goes west, go east. And since the Czech Republic is for me always in the middle then Asia means the other side. Hello from Taiwan.

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