The Parallel Universe

I sat in the train defeated. In a way it was the first time during the course of my travels that something didn’t go as planned. I felt miserable. Was it a mistake? I looked out the window up to distanced mountain peaks and remembered the old smartass quote: ‘Dude, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons’.

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Hi stranger, welcome to my travel blog. It’s more like a traveler’s story than a travel blog. You don’t find here “10 things what to do/see/eat in Berlin” kind of posts. What you will find is a story of a guy who decided to crash into conventional walls of living a life.

I try to be constantly on the move and work along the way. It started in 2012 by my first summer work experience in the USA. Since then I’ve done three more summers in New Jersey, a five-month long student exchange program in Slovenia and after my university graduation I moved to New Zealand for one and half year with the Working Holiday visa. In the meantime I have visited few countries in Europe and Asia. Next episodes will soon write Canada itself.

Articles below are up to date from newest to oldest, but also sorted into categories. I do have a secret wish to turn this blog into a book one day, that is why I will be happy for any feedbacks. Wish you a good reading!


It’s been a while. I’ve decided to go home. The interesting part was that I kept it for myself. They had no clue, neither the family nor the friends. At the same time I had no clue how this homecoming was about to confront with my wandering mindset.

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Thaink You

I bought a flight ticket to Bangkok simply because it was the cheapest way how to get out from cold New Zealand to warm Asia. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Thailand and I didn’t become one after hearing all the stories about parties and prostitutes. But, as always, you’ve gotta experience it yourself to make a statement. And I say Thaink you Thailand, I’m your fan now.

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After visiting some hot spots on the South Island I figured it would be nice to get away from the New Zealand summer crowds. Yet I couldn’t think that Rakiura by its Maori name, Stewart Island in the colonized language, will provide such a remarkable escape from the civilized world.

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