About Holidays and Resolutions

The cherry season in Cromwell is over. That means only one thing, the Working part of my Working Holiday visa is finished. As well as all working in 2017. The Holiday mode is on.

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions and when I do, I never follow them. Nothing special really. So for 2017 I decided to try something different. Like my dad, he makes the resolution every year not to loose a kilo, but gain at least 20. And he is probably more successful than most of us even though he never reaches those 20 extra kilos at the end of the year. A resolution shouldn’t hurt your body or wallet. A resolution should be a pleasure. With this thought in my mind I’ve decided to not take any paid job in 2017. It won’t hurt my body and since I intend to travel solo on budget, it won’t hurt my wallet either. For the first time I have a feeling that I might be successful this year. To add more sense and understanding into it, I recently realized that for last 14 out of 15 months in New Zealand I’ve been in the process of either working or looking for a work so I saved quite a few bucks. I didn’t even get into the Holiday part of my Working Holiday visa very much so I applied for a tourist visa to finally travel and see the real beauty of this country. I got the visa couple weeks ago and worked out the road trip itinerary.

Eight weeks full of cherry picking ended yesterday. That simply means I can now start fulfilling my resolution in all its grandiosity. I changed my mind from hitchhiking adventure to having a car for its bed and excess of independence. In next two months I hope I will bring here some stories from all beautiful parts of South Island including Fiorland National Park, Lake Te Anau, Invercargill (that’s a joke), Stewart Island, Catlins Forest Park, Nugget Point, Mount Aspiring National Park, Lake Wanaka, Mount Cook National Park, Punakaiki, Arthur’s Pass, Christchurch and hopefully there will be time for visiting stunning Abel Tasman National Park as well. If you haven’t started googling, wait for my next posts. Basically I just want to get lost in mountains and sleep in the backcountry huts. That’s the plan although everything can change. I will try to make the most out of it, same as I did with my work visa.

To reveal a bit of the upcoming plan, in April I’m going to write the next resolution chapter from Thailand, my first Southeast Asian destination. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I don’t want to know what to expect actually. Anyway, until then I’m still a Kiwi. Now before I leave for this grandiose road trip, let me get my car checked, because that ‘CHECK ENGINE’ control light which occasionally pops up on the dashboard is making me more nervous than the waiting for the pregnancy test results… If you know what I mean. Hitchhiking is still in the game. See you on the way. Haha.

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