One Year Awayke

Today is a special day. Today, one year ago, I left my country for the journey of a lifetime.

It has been a wonderful pleasure that no drug can provide and a lesson that no school can give. I would lie if I say I don’t miss home. But I would lie too if I say I want to come back. At least not yet. I miss Czech Republic. I miss the bitterness of our beer and the beauty of our girls. In fact, these are (only) two things we could rule the world with. Czechs are the number one at beer consumption per person and Prague is the porn production capital of the world. Now I don’t think this is a measure of the female’s beauty but it definitely means something. Anyway who doesn’t like the idea of a pretty girl drinking beer? I miss home.

It has been a year of traveling. That doesn’t mean I cruised around the world or checked twenty countries off the list. Quite a reverse. Except a short five days visit of Taiwan I basically stayed in one country and actually most of the time worked. Well, traveling has many faces.

It went quite good. I visited real Asia for the first time, ate the seafood straight out of the sea, hanged out with super cautious Taiwanese people and made my way to New Zealand. I’ve seen some of its best natural wonders, lived in a caravan, spent New Year’s Eve on the beach, ran a half marathon, did a roadtrip, touched the north tip at Cape Reinga, picked up hitchhikers, starred at glow worms at a dark cave, climbed the summit of Mount Taranaki, walked through the land of Mordor in Tongariro National Park, made many new friendships with fellow backpackers and found some life wisdoms along the way.

Throughout my jobs I learned how to make beds, how to be a waiter, how to stack boxes and how to make a real cup of coffee. But I also learned how desperate one can be when looking for a job, how to feel lonely or how to lose the car and money.

I experienced all of that only to come to realization that it’s not enough. That I want more, that there is more. And as Chris McCandless would say if you want something in life, reach out and grab it. I’m staying awayke. See you later drinking beer girl. And all my friends back home, too.

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