Who and Why?

Hi, my name is Jiri Paulik and I’m the author of this blog. While writing this I’m still student at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic. Simply said, I love being on the way with belief that traveling is the only way how one may change his worldview.

It will never stop surprising me how happy can people be when traveling. For me it started in 2012 by my first summer in United States as my good friend begged me to go with him to work there in amusement park. I guess I’ll be grateful for this opportunity to open my eyes for the rest of my life. Since that I was in United States every summer, did Erasmus study period in Slovenia for five months and have visited 17 countries all over the world. I suddenly started to think about traveling beyond its common sense perceiving it simply as a nice activity. With realization I’ll never be thinking in the same way as before I’ve come up with the idea to share my travel experiences, feelings and thoughts with the public. Taking into account the fact that sharing my travels through Facebook makes me feel like the main suspect of the travel crime, I told to myself that the blog should be a nice and ordinary way how to express my stuff. So here it is.

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